50-Minute Yoga: Vinyasa Flow, Hörbuch, Digital, 51min



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50-Minute Vinyasa Flow is an invigorating yoga practice designed to energize the body and calm the mind.Join certified Yoga Alliance instructor Sarah Dadrass as she guides you through a centering and rejuvenating flow aimed to increase strength and flexibility, reduce stress and tension, and boost overall health, energy and vitality.Focus on aligning your breath with your movement as you work through various challenging poses throughout the class – cat/cow, mountain, sun salutations A, B & C, 8-limb pose, humble warrior, goddess, revolved crescent warrior, lizard, dandasana, and others, and ending with a final surrender in savasana. Intended for experienced yogis of intermediate to advanced fitness levels, this flow can be enjoyed at home and requires no equipment other than your yoga mat. So carve out 50 minutes of your day and let Sarah guide you to a healthier and more balanced you.AudioStrong™ creates innovative fitness workouts customized for audio by taking cutting edge exercise routines and combining them with vibrant music and motivational certified coaches. Be a stronger you with AudioStrong™. Disclaimer: Exercising is inherently dangerous and can result in physical injury. By using this audio, you do so at your own risk and understand and agree that AudioStrong and its affiliates disclaim any liability from injury or loss sustained thereby. Please consult a professional healthcare provider before attempting any exercise program. Language: English. Narrator: Sarah Dadrass. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.


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