Ethical Practices in Yoga – How Yama and Niyama Help Make a Better You



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Anyone who has practiced Yoga has felt the joy and peace that can come from the discipline, yet as any passionate Yoga Instructor will tell you, the yoga is not complete without the spiritual and ethical disciplines to guide you. Anand Gupta brings the mind and the focus to this concept in this 4th volume in the expansive ‘School of Yoga’ collection, based on the Ashtanga Yoga, also known as the Eight-Limbed or Raja Yoga, based on the Yogastura as codified by Patanjali around 400 C.E. Unveiling the first two limbs known as the Yamas, or what not to do, and the Niyamas, or what is to be done, in the Yogasutra, Anand Gupta explains how the Yogi must incorporate these deep disciplines in their daily lives. The five Yamas listed and defined in this book offer a set of activities that must be avoided by the Yogi while the Niyamas are a set of observances that promote self-discipline and improve will power. Together these help in bringing the Yogi closer to the goal of Yoga: unity of the body and mind.


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